KP Intercon is an industry-leading consultancy for the construction industry for very large projects (e.g., bridges, power plants, etc.). This is an industry plagued with cost overruns and delays that can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. The issue identified was that the standard feedback loop for construction snafus was, on average, about one month. They developed a suite of applications to support the ability to push feedback response down to on-site personnel in a way that can allow daily, as opposed to monthly, feedback. This enables incredible savings on large construction projects. WebBurgh helped KP Intercon realize that a separate website was desired in order to give this technology the gravitas it so deserved. The result is KPI.Build – a website created by WebBurgh.

The website is mobile responsive, meaning that it looks great on any device. It also includes content management, such that the company can make changes to the website without having any technical background.

WebBurgh also helped brand the new applications, assisted with the creation of videos for the website, and helped hone their sales presentation suite.